Identify and Prevent Online Fraud
Protect Your Business
from Fraudsters

What is Algorx?

AlgorX is online fraud intelligence and prevention software leveraging cutting edge device identification technologies and powerful machine learning algorithms.

Reduce Online Fraud

AlgorX helps you fight online fraud in real-time. Reduce manual work and make decisions at the speed of thought.
Improve Customer Experience

Don't punish good customers because of bad guys. AlgorX helps you vastly improve customer experience.

Get Better Insights

AlgorX sports powerful visualization features that help you get better understanding of who interacts with your business and how.

How It Works

There's a rather complex software machinery behind AlgorX. However, we've taken great care to hide this complexity under the hood so that you could enjoy this powerful platform without breaking a sweat. This is what happens behind the scenes.


AlgorX uniquely identifies each and every device.


Every action made from a device is tracked.

Process & Analyze

AlgorX machine learning algorithms process vast amounts of generated activity data.


AlgorX identifies potential risks and allows you be proactive so that you can act before a damage is done.


Fighting fraud is expensive, time-consuming and generally not a very pleasant process. Let AlgorX do the heavy lifting for you. Start saving money right now.

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