Artificial Intelligence

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AlgorX provides tomorrow's technology today. Our conversational AI can help your business with sales and marketing. You can adopt our cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence technology to get more customers and retain existing ones.

What We Do

We are building general Artificial Intelligence system with an emphasis on knowledge acquisition, processing and deep conversation. We believe that the biggest potential for business and humanity is in the machines that can truly think and interact with us in a form that is the closest to us - human language.



Overcome Your Fear of Artificial Intelligence

When you watch the news or surf the internet, you’re frequently seeing stories about new technological advances in artificial intelligence (AI).  Today’s technology makes it possible to learn about new high-tech developments instantly. This should be good news, but sometimes it scares people. The uncertainty and speculation are huge drivers of fear. However, AI is not […]



Artificial Intelligence: What’s Really Happening?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) once again have become big topics. Massive amounts of investments, overcrowded AI-classes at Stanford, MIT and other leading educational institutions, abundance of AI-related job openings, all these have become a norm these days. A couple weeks ago this article on The Motley Fool even urged investors to keep […]