AlgorX Inc.

AlgorX Inc., is a startup specializing in artificial intelligence and machine learning. AlgorX Inc. was founded in the USA in 2016. Our R&D is based in Spain, Europe.

Reimagining Artificial Intelligence

AlgorX, Inc. was founded in early 2016 with a vision to deliver business solutions powered by cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Our conversational AI is unique in its class and it manages to demonstrate nearly human-like capabilities. Along with proven and widespread AI and ML approaches and methodologies we use a number of proprietary algorithms and technologies giving us advantage over our competitors.

Our algorithms are capable of distilling knowledge from your business and by using that knowledge the AI agents can maintain meaningful and effective dialogues with your potential and existing customers.

"Our goal is to empower humans by AI instead of replacing them with AI. Every effort to replace humans is doomed for failure"

– George S., Founder

Excellent Investment Opportunity

AlgorX, Inc. was angel-backed by former investor associates originally introduced by Dreamcatcher Consulting, Inc. If you are interested in investing, please contact us directly.
Join Our Team
Do you want to build a career instead of getting a job? Do you want to do something that inspires you rather than destroys your spirit? Do you want to unleash your inner potential? Can you make the big thing happen? If you answered yes to these questions, we offer you an amazing opportunity to join Team AlgorX in our International office in the Málaga area, Spain.