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Essential Algorithms and Techniques in NLP – Introduction

Natural Language Processing (NLP for short) is one of the earliest directions in Artificial Intelligence. It can be tracked back to Alan Turing and his article titled “Computing Machinery and Intelligence” published in 1950. Famous Turing Test was proposed in that article as well. The idea of the Turing Test is simple. If a machine […]

Artificial Intelligence: What’s Really Happening?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) once again have become big topics. Massive amounts of investments, overcrowded AI-classes at Stanford, MIT and other leading educational institutions, abundance of AI-related job openings, all these have become a norm these days. A couple weeks ago this article on The Motley Fool even urged investors to keep […]

Introducing Conversational AI

Conversation is a fundamental form of communication between two or more people. Having good conversational skills is an important part of socialization especially in business. In the age of computers and the Internet large part of communication happens in the written form. Billions of text messages, chat messages and emails are sent and read every […]