Enhance Customer Experience with a Chatbot

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The customer experience has evolved into more of a self-service environment where chatbots are becoming more common. Customers can engage in a conversation with a chatbot in the same way they would with an online agent.

The AlgorX chatbot immediately improves the customer experience by being visible to a customer the instant they open your company website page. This means the customer does not need to navigate through menus or pages to find support.

AlgorX is also integrated with Facebook, Skype, and Telegram so customers do not have to leave those apps when they want to engage with your brand. AlgorX is continually adding support for additional messengers so be sure to check with us on the status of your social media platform.

In addition to the ease of use for customers, chatbots can help you enhance your customers’ experience in many ways. Let’s examine 8 benefits of using a AlgorX chatbot that are sure to optimize customer experience.

24/7/365 Availability (Reach a broader audience!)

There aren’t many, if any, humans that are able and willing to make themselves available all day, every day, forever! But, a chatbot can be there for you when you are attending to other business, on vacation, and even sleeping.

And, because customers’ needs can arise outside of normal business hours, being able to respond to them promptly is a big deal. The customer experience is improved by your company demonstrating around the clock support and you’ll reach a higher number of customers.

Friendly, tension free discussions

How many times have you had to reprimand an employee for being sassy or even insulting a customer? There’s no chance of your chatbot showing an attitude with customers or negatively reacting to something a customer writes or requests!

You can count on your chatbot to present an even tone, always, no matter how annoying a customer’s requests may become. This means every customer feels respected and appreciated every time they interact with your chatbot (company, brand).

The AlgorX system provides automatic sentiment analysis for each chat. You can quickly check the sentiment of chat log to see if the chat was negative, positive, or neutral.

Customer experience sentiment scale

Reduce human error

AlgorX chatbots learn the content you provide so you control their responses and the accuracy of the information they provide to customers. You can even help your chatbot respond appropriately when it doesn’t understand a customer’s message.

Be as detailed as you like with answers. Continually update valid responses in the Knowledgebase based on FAQs. Fewer errors can lead to customers who trust your brand.

Immediate response time

Chatbots can respond immediately with accurate information. Faster response time means faster resolution time for routine requests like password resets, order status, payment questions, and other common FAQs.

Save Money and Improve Customer Experience

While your AlgorX chatbot takes care of routine customer inquiries your customer service agents can take more time to provide better service for more challenging tasks. This might also reduce attrition due to the monotonous nature of the routine tasks.

Save money and improve customer experience

Employing the use of a chatbot can also reduce the number of employees needed to staff a call center. Chatbots don’t need coffee breaks, lunch breaks, vacation or sick days, or even benefits so that means more savings for you.

Data, lots of it!

As chatbots engage with your customers, they collect valuable data stored in the chatlogs. You can track customer behaviors like buying patterns to help you decide on needed product improvements, marketing timing, and more.

AlgorX provides analytics that can help you identify trends, new use cases, and even business opportunities!

Detailed expert answers – from your experts via a chatbot

chatbots improve customer experience

Guide your chatbot to represent your brand with your expertise. What could be better than being able to provide instant, accurate, relevant answers to customer inquiries, every time?

Personify your brand, enhance the customer experience

Chatbots can be programmed to respond as you would, using your tone and sentence structure, so they can meet the specific style of your unique audience.

Inject personality into the conversation by giving your bot terms and emojis that reflect the vibe of your company. Engaging customers through lively chats can help to create a greater sense of connection and loyalty to your brand.

Summing it up

As you can see there are many convincing reasons to adopt a chatbot, but you need to be careful when choosing an application. With any new technology designed to help you with your business, you must perform due diligence. Once you have made your decision, be sure to implement methodically and thoughtfully. Frequently monitor analytics and data from recent chats and make adjustments as needed.

Remember the chatbot will be the first line of communication for your customers so you want it to make the best impression by representing your brand in the best possible light.

For more information on how the AlgorX chatbot application will help you improve customer experience, visit us at AlgorX.

Even better, start your absolutely FREE, no-credit card required, 14-day trial now.

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