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increase sales

Lost sales opportunities got you down? Are you doing all the “right” things and still not winning? Times have changed and so have consumer buying behaviors. Today’s consumer seeks more of a self-service atmosphere where they can obtain the exact type of support they need, on their terms. A AlgorX chatbot can help you give your customers this freedom and help you increase sales.

Chatbots get the conversation rolling in a matter of moments after a customer lands on your company’s website. So, if you incorporate a chatbot into your company website and/or social media sites, you will see your sales increase as you also strengthen your relationships with your customers.

Check out some of the pre-sales benefits chatbots can help you reap!

Provide Product or Services Information

Sales opportunities are always present and your AlgorX chatbot can help you capitalize on them. How? By providing customers with catalogs, brochures, and other relevant product or services information. This gives your customers a chance to become familiar with your brand without the pressure of an ambitious sales person.

An added advantage is that if the customer has a question about a product after reviewing the catalog or brochure, your AlgorX chatbot will be available to instantly respond to any question.

Help Identify Customer Behavior

Chatbots can obtain relevant customer behavior to help you identify needs/trends. AlgorX provides sentiment analysis to help you determine whether a chat was negative, positive, or neutral.

Quickly Recognize Needs

Chatbots can accurately refer customers to appropriate live agents for more complicated issues/questions. You can train your AlgorX chatbot to field the initial inquiries from a consumer. Once the chatbot understands the consumer’s needs, it can forward him/her to the person best suited to help the consumer become a paying customer.

Now let’s look at some of the ways a chatbot can help you increase sales, after hours.

Not only will chatbots be able to deliver the following services for you during normal business hours but they will also be able to perform these tasks after hours. They are constantly working for you!

Engaging Customers

Consumers are online seeking information around the clock. Having a chatbot ready to field questions is imperative to maintaining company presence after hours. The AlgorX chatbot not only chats with consumers but can also lead them to check out with enticing offers, after hours.

Another benefit is the feedback engaged customers will provide. Help your customers feel appreciated by meeting their after hours needs and they will be more willing to contribute valuable perspectives on your products and services.

schedule appointments to increase sales

Chatbots can book initial and follow-up appointments. Let your chatbot set appointments for services and consultations. Just give the chatbot access to your calendar!

Increase Sales with Custom Quotes

Chatbots can provide customers with quotes based on preset criteria. For example, you might offer a discount if customers order a certain number of items or spend a specific amount of money.


Chatbots can help customers find products in other locations. If you have multiple store locations you can direct your chatbot to help customers locate an item and even order it.

upsell to increase sales


Chatbots can be trained to cross-sell a company’s full portfolio of services, upsell from the catalog, and make recommendations based on a customer’s previous orders and preferences. The AlgorX chatbot can be taught to suggest products or services based on key terms or phrases a customer uses in a chat.

So, as you can see, the tools of a chatbot can be refined to help you increase sales and strengthen relationships with customers.

For more information on how the AlgorX chatbot application will help you increase sales, visit us at AlgorX.

Even better, start your absolutely FREE, no-credit card required, 14-day trial now.



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