Overcome Your Fear of Artificial Intelligence

When you watch the news or surf the internet, you’re frequently seeing stories about new technological advances in artificial intelligence (AI).  Today’s technology makes it possible to learn about new high-tech developments instantly. This should be good news, but sometimes it scares people. The uncertainty and speculation are huge drivers of fear. However, AI is not being developed with the intent to frighten people but rather to make their lives easier. In fact, ONE.AI is here to help you overcome your fear of AI.

Naming the Fears

  • People fear AI for many reasons but one of the main concerns is that AI will replace humans.
  • Employees are afraid they will lose their jobs if their employer adopts AI.
  • Employers are scared to implement AI because they see the process as costly and complex.
  • Company owners do not want to give a machine control over their business processes.
  • Businesses are unsure they have the staff needed to manage data generated from AI interactions.

overcome fear of AI

Overcome Your Fears

Use AI to Improve Customer Service

Artificial Intelligence is currently being deployed in customer service to supplement human agents with the primary goal of improving customer experience. What both employers and employees do not realize is that AI can empower them to perform even better. AI is designed to carry out tasks that are considered routine and tedious. This frees up human employees to focus on more complex tasks. While AI is not yet able to perform all the tasks handled by a human customer service representative, it can process many simple consumer requests without human input.

Employ AI to Produce New Jobs

Many people think that AI will be a job-killing technology, but for businesses experiencing labor shortages, AI can be a lifesaver. In fact, the automation and efficiency gains from AI could even preserve jobs in the long run. AI has the capability to prevent lost or unanswered customer requests/questions/issues which can definitely improve the level of customer service you provide.

AI points to the need for newer skills, hence newer types of jobs instead of the dreaded job loss. The jobs created by the new skills demand will include teachers as well as the more skilled professionals. We will also need more data scientists to help make sense of the massive amounts of information AI can make available.

You Can Afford to Implement AI

You have choices when it comes to the type of AI solution best suited to meet your business needs. And, the great thing about AI is that you can start small and build up as you gain more experience and knowledge. So, if you have limited funds and staff, find a solution that provides intuitive tools that guide you through the process, for a minimal investment. While you’re checking out your options, take time to review our affordable plans at ONE.AI.

Let AI Empower You

let AI empower you

In many areas, AI is superior to humans (playing chess), but in the vast majority of areas AI still has a long way to go before it becomes as good as humans. And even when that moment comes, AI’s main purpose is to empower, not replace us. AI can generate valuable insights that will help you solve a wider variety of business problems. Act now so your fear doesn’t hold you back from realizing all the benefits AI can bring to your business.