Reviving Lost Customers

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Several posts we’ve shown you have covered the importance of customer retention. This post will focus on those customers who have made a purchase or two and become “lost” over time. Reactivating lost customers takes some time and effort but could be worthwhile.

Never let them get lost to begin with

It may be easier said than done for companies to stay on top of customer relations with each customer. If you are successful you have a lot of customers and you may not have time or resources to focus on maintaining a relationship with each of them. However, you can take steps to ensure they don’t become lost.

If your CRM doesn’t track inactive customers, you should find creative ways to find them. You can sort your database by invoice date which will tell you how many customers haven’t purchased in some time. You can then send reactivation campaigns aimed at those customers. These campaigns can be gentle reminders that you exist and serve as a follow up to see if they are interested in buying from you again.

Depending on the size of your CRM, you may wish to move these customers to another database so you can focus solely on them or ask your technical staff if these dormant customers are bogging down your CRM or network. Your software should typically be able to manage double your expected work load which enables you to scale your business. If you are reaching your CRM’s storage capacity and have a lot of “lost” customers you may wish to move them.

Remind “lost” customers of your products

Those customers who haven’t purchased in a while may have forgotten about you which is never good. These customers made a purchase at some point and may not have been back because their needs changed or they don’t need your products anymore. Regardless, send reminder campaigns and delete customers who don’t react to them. After all, it is pointless to try to market to someone who knows they will no longer need you in the future and your time and resources are better spent retaining active customers or finding new ones.

Use information about past transactions in reminder campaigns that shows customers your business value and why they purchased from you in the past. These campaigns should give customers a reason why your business is still relevant. This should be a personalized campaign which can repeat itself after a period of time. If customers remain “lost” after a couple of months it may be best to delete them from your system.

Reestablish a dialogue

Email should not be a one-way form of communication. You can encourage customers to join in on a dialogue through an email by sending surveys. Surveys help discover why your customers signed up, why they quit using your products or services, what they use now, and how their needs have changed. By learning this information you can better respond with a solution that will fit their current needs.

To encourage a dialogue, don’t send messages with “do not reply” return addresses. You should always provide a method for your customers to reply to you. Customers are easily turned away from companies that don’t want to hear from them.

Improve Customer Experience

One of the ways to improve customer experience is to introduce a live chat system on your website. Introducing live support can be costly, though. AlgorX live chat powered by Artificial Intelligence solves this problem. You can offer a 24/7 live chat for as low as $15 per month. Interested in this amazing technology? Get started now for free and get a fully functional 14-day trial. No credit card is required!

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