Simple and Inexpensive Chatbot Adoption

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If you have shopped online, chances are you have interacted with a chatbot on a company’s website or within the company’s social media site. You may also know that these chatbots are powered by artificial intelligence which makes them seem more human-like. And, this sounds costly and complex, right? But, what you may not realize is that there are applications out there right now that can provide you with a simple and inexpensive chatbot adoption.

Meet the AlgorX chatbot!

The AlgorX chatbot is powered by conversational AI technology which delivers human-like chat capabilities. These intelligent chatbots enable productive conversations with your potential and existing customers. They require minimal human interventions and work on autopilot so there’s not much effort required to implement them!

How easy is it to get started with the AlgorX chatbot?

Adopt the AlgorX Chatbot with Simple Technology

Adopting the AlgorX chatbot requires no development or technical knowledge. Complete the sign-up process and you have access to an intuitive application that is truly cloud-based. There is no need to download or install software. Use a modern browser like Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, or Firefox and have access to an internet connection and you’ll be up and running in no time.

Once you become a AlgorX chatbot application user, we will guide you through every step. You will have access to comprehensive training guides, email support, and FAQs. As you learn how to customize your chatbot you will realize just how easy it is to train the bot to be a valuable representative of your brand.

Inexpensive Pricing

The AlgorX chatbot is really affordable with plans starting at $15/month. Also, because the application is cloud-based, there is no need for expensive hardware configurations or software. Even better, you can take advantage of a no obligation 14-day free trial period to make sure the AlgorX chatbot will meet your needs. There are no hidden costs!

inexpensive chatbot adoption

Use Existing Sales Materials

The only task that requires action on your part is training your chatbot. AlgorX has made this easy by allowing you to store existing knowledge base information and sales material in the application. Your AlgorX chatbot has access to everything you enter thus giving you total control over how your chatbot responds to customer inquiries.

As your chatbot continues to chat with customers, AlgorX will be busy gathering data to provide you with meaningful analytics. Use this information to assist you in refining the knowledge base data available to your chatbots. You will notice your chatbot engaging in more personalized conversations that produce higher sales for you.

next step for simple, inexpensive chatbot adoptionReady to Take the Next Step?

Now that you understand there are applications that can provide you with simple and inexpensive chatbot adoptions, you can take the next step to determine the best path for your business. If a company offers a free trial period, use that time to explore how a chatbot might be beneficial for your business.

Start your FREE 14-day trial now. No credit card is required.

We are happy to answer any questions you might have so please reach out to us at AlgorX!



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