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View Chat

You can view detailed information about an active or archived chat by clicking on the chat channel name in the applicable listing.

Click either the Active Chats or the Archived Chats option on the Navigation menu. Click on the Channel name for the chat you wish to view.

Chat – Details tab

View information such as the date and time of the chat, the channel on which the chat was conducted, and the duration of the chat.

Chat – Page Views tab

View the URL for each page visited on the same date as the chat. The URLs are clickable links to each page.

Chat – Chat Log tab

View the conversation logged for the chat.

Chat – Dialogs tab

If you have defined dialog logic for your entries, those questions will display here with any answers supplied by the visitor. The questions are those you have defined for your entries and the answers displayed were received from the visitor during this chat.

If you need help defining dialog logic for an entry, please see our Managing Entries documentation.

Chat – Unanswerable Messages tab

If a visitor submitted any questions that could not be answered during the chat, those questions will be displayed here.

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