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Managing Terms

Use the Terms section to define the most common and relevant terminology used by your business and in your industry. If visitors to your website engage in a chat session and ask questions containing one of the terms you have defined, the chatbot will be able to respond with a pre-defined response.

Click the Knowledge Base option on the Navigation menu and then click Terms.

The first time you visit this page you will not have any terms defined. Click on the blue New Term button to begin adding terms.

New Term – Details tab

Entry Name: Enter the term.

Answer Threshold: Select from one of the predefined values to determine the level of confidence your chatbot must have to respond to this term.

Can End Query: During a dialog mode, if a message is received that triggers another entry, the bot will then decide whether to keep existing dialog or respond according to this newly found entry, depending on this Can End Query option.

Select Yes if you want the chatbot to respond to the new entry or No if you want the chatbot to keep the existing dialog.

Click the green checkmark button to save the term details. Click the red X button to cancel the term addition.

Click on the Phrases tab to continue defining the term.

New Term – Phrases tab

The term you defined on the Details tab will be the first phrase displayed. You can add short phrases that might contain the term or pertain to the term and require the same response.

Click the blue + sign to add phrases. Click the green checkmark button to save each phrase.

Click the Responses tab.

New Term – Responses tab

Use the Response field to create a definition your chatbot will use when it encounters a phrase containing the term.

Click the blue + sign to add a response. Click the green checkmark button to save the response.

Click the green Save and Exit Editor button to save the new term.

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