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Webchat Bot


If you have created your own website, you can set up an integration with the AlgorX system. Click the Bots option on the Navigation menu to manage your bots.

Click on the Web link.

When you are ready to configure the AlgorX integration, click the Widget Code tab.

Widget Code

Copy and paste the widget code provided, into your website.

Click the Settings tab.

Widget Appearance

Use the Widget Appearance settings to customize the look and feel of your web chatbot.

Widget Title and Subtitle

A) To edit the fields click the blue pencil icon. Type your changes.

B) Click the green save icon to record your changes.


C) To change the colors of text and backgrounds click the color box to the right of the desired option and you will be able to change the color.

Widget Avatar

D) To select a different avatar from preloaded avatars or to upload a custom avatar, click the current avatar image and those options will display for you. Click the green Done button once you have selected a new avatar.

Widget Content

Use the Widget Content settings to define data your chatbot will request from each visitor.

A) Click the blue sign to the left of the field name to add it.

B) By default, fields you add will be required. This means that visitors must provide this information at the beginning of a chat session. Click the toggle switch to turn off this setting. The chatbot will still ask for the information but the visitor will not be required to answer it.

An example of how the content will display is shown below.

Consent Form

Use the Consent Form settings to determine which visitors will be asked to confirm that they give consent to their personal data processing.

Click the blue Edit button to display options in the field dropdown list.

Once you have selected an option, you will be prompted to complete additional details about the consent form.

Click the green Done button to save your Consent Form details.

Widget Settings

Define your Widget Behavior by selecting from two options. Select Maximize to enable visitors to maximize the chat window when they are ready to begin a session. Select Pop-up and as soon as a visitor opens your website, the chat window will pop-up. Visitors will need to close the window if they do not want to begin a chat session.


Use the Domains settings to add your website. If you specify domains, the Web chatbot will work only if the domains are whitelisted.

Click the + sign next to Domain to add a domain.

Click the green checkmark icon to save the domain name. Click the red X icon to abandon the addition.

Once you have completed all applicable settings, click the green Save button. To abandon the changes, click the red X icon.

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