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Quickstart Tutorial

Account Setup 

Step 1: The first task is to create a user account. This account will enable you to log in, manage your chatbots, and grow your business through analytics from state-of-the-art AI.

Click this link, https://console.algorx.com/public/login to create a new user account. Click the Register Now! button. If you need help with the registration process, please refer to our Registration tutorial.

Once you have registered you will be able to log in using your email address and the password you created during the registration process.


Your AlgorX Dashboard will display upon login. Once you activate your AlgorX chatbots and you and your customers begin conducting online chats, you will be able to view important statistics about the chats.

Navigation Basics

A) This is your main menu. Click on a menu item to open that page. Some menu items have multiple pages that can be viewed by clicking the menu item name or the arrow to the right of the name.

B) This is your breadcrumb trail which lists the pages you have visited in the order you have opened them. The page name in black text is the page you are currently viewing. You can click any page in blue text to go back to that page.

Collapse Main Menu button

This will give you more space to view the application on the screen.

A) Click the menu icon in the top left corner of the page to collapse or hide the main menu.


B) Click the in the lower left corner of the Navigation pane to collapse or hide the menu.


View messages about the status of your chatbots. If you see a number in red above the bell icon, you have new notifications.

Click the bell icon to view any existing notifications you have received.

Profile Menu

Click on your profile picture to open the menu that gives you access to your profile and account settings, as well as a link to properly log out of the system.


Update your mobile phone number, name, and photo.

Click the Update Profile button to save changes.


Use this page to manage your AlgorX email subscriptions. By default, you are subscribed to emails concerning account management and this cannot be changed.

Click each box to check or uncheck subscriptions as applicable, then click the Update button to record the changes. You can subscribe and unsubscribe at any time.


We recommend you exit the AlgorX system by clicking on the Logout link provided in the Profile menu. This is a more secure way to end your session than just closing your web browser tab or window.

Step 2: Configure your chatbots. Click on Bots in the Main Menu to access and configure your chatbots. Currently, AlgorX offers four chatbot integrations but there more to come in the near future.

Click on the chatbot name to begin configuration.

Bot Configuration

Bot configuration is different from system to system. For example, for Telegram, only API key is required. For Facebook Messenger, there is a need for two tokens: access token and verification token. Webchat does not require any configuration. A customer grabs a JavaScript code and inserts it into his/her website, pretty much like installing Google Analytics.

Operations: If you need help with a chatbot, click the link provided to get help directly from the chatbot support page.

Settings: These will differ based on the chatbot you are configuring.

Once you have configured at least one bot, you will be able to view chat statistics in your AlgorX system.

Step 3: Begin defining your Knowledge Base. Create an extensive knowledge base from which your chatbots will pull customized responses for the commonly asked question by customers.

Click the Knowledge Base option on the Navigation menu and then click General.

Knowledge Base 


Because this is a quick start guide we will focus on the first two tabs, General and Greetings. For more detailed help on all tabs, please visit the Knowledge Base documentation.

General tab

Define the Answer Threshold and the Answer Threshold for Terms settings. This setting allows you to determine how certain the chatbot needs to be about its reply in order to make that reply to a site visitor. Very low, Low, Medium, High, Very High, and Maximum are your choices. You can change the value type to percentages by moving your console into Advanced UI Mode. To do this click the menu icon next to your Profile menu in the top right corner of the screen.

Once you are in Advanced UI Mode you will be able to enter exact numeric values for the answer threshold settings.

Greetings tab

Define how your customers will be greeted by your chatbot.

Click the + next to New User Greeting or Returning User Greeting to create a greeting.

Click the green checkmark to save the greeting or the red X to abandon the creation of the new greeting.

Click the pencil icon next to an existing greeting to edit the wording of that greeting. Click the green checkmark to save the greeting or the red X to abandon the changes. Click the trash can to delete the greeting.

After completing the three steps outlined in this guide, you will be up and running! Please refer to our Documentation site for more advanced help on additional settings and interpreting the available analytics.






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