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To register for your AlgorX account, navigate to the registration page using this link: https://console.algorx.com/public/login.

Click the Register Now! button.

Create AlgorX Account

Enter the email address you wish to associate with this account. This will be your username.

Enter a secure password to be used to access your new account. Your password must be 6-30 characters long. Be sure to create a secure password that contains a mix of letters, numbers, and special characters that you can remember but will be hard for someone else to guess. It’s important to keep the password safe and change it often to protect your data.

Click the Create Account button. You will be prompted to verify your email address and enter a few details to complete the registration process.

Registration Page

Before you verify your email address, take a few moments to complete the requested information. Once you have entered values in all fields, click the green Complete Registration button.

Verify Email

You will be logged into the AlgorX system and the Dashboard will display for you. Before you begin exploring, please open your email inbox and locate a message from AlgorX with a subject of Your AlgorX Registration. You will need to verify your email using the link included in the message.

Once you click the email verification link, a confirmation message will display along with a link to the login page!

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