Why AlgorX?

Glad You Asked!

Convert your visitors into leads

Give your website visitors immediate answers. Your forms are good for capturing leads but by the time you get back to potential customers, they may be committed to your competitors. Do not make your prospects wait. Instead, route them into your sales funnel instantly.

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Customer Satisfaction

Offer better customer support

Did you know that over 70% of your customers who leave your business and go to your competitors have no problem with your product? Their main issue is with the customer care offered. Offer your customers world class support and at the same time reduce your customer care costs!

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No programming required

You do not need to invest in programming or expensive integration to start using AlgorX conversational platform. All you need is marketing, sales and customer care material to get started. Create the knowledge base through our intuitive web-based console.

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Supports multiple channels

AlgorX works via Facebook Messenger, Skype, Telegram, webbased chat and several live chat providers. You created the knowledge base just once. Offer new channels to your potential customers at no additional costs.

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